The End!

June 24, 2009


Thaaaat’s all folks!

As we’ve hinted rather broadly the past few days, it’s finally time for the Keeper to hang up his cape and return his beloved Fortress back into the mists of comic-book Limbo.

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the comic blog-o-verse these past few years, but we’ve reached a point in our lives where your humble host can no longer maintain this site in the manner – or frequency – we consider acceptable. Plus, to be honest, the Keeper can’t really think of anything else to say!

There’s only so many ways, after all, to express our disdain for the Big Two’s current efforts or enthuse over Golden Age Kirby and Ditko comics. We’ve toyed with the idea of expanding our scope a bit, but the whole “Fortress Keeper” persona was specifically created as a homage to the old EC horror hosts. Not the best vehicle for discussing, say, the collapse of the newspaper industry …

(Or our longstanding crush on Kathryn Erbe …)

So, once our schedule clears up a bit, we’ll probably set up a general interest blog to scratch that particular itch. In the meantime, the Keeper will continue to post (or re-post, depending upon the story in question) classic pre-code comics over at our Tumblr blog, Olden Times. Since we are trying to free up a bit of time in our always busy day, the stories will be presented with little comment beyond creator and publication credits.

If you’d like to stay in touch a bit more directly, please follow us on Twitter for such earth-shaking pronouncements as our opinion of the S.F. Giants offense!

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who has visited and/or commented the past four years. It was truly wonderful encountering so many fellow travelers and we hope to stay in contact one way or another in the future.

Take care everyone. We’ll see you in the funny papers!